CHARACTERS マスコットキャラクター

Mr. Kuma | ミスターKumasan

This is Mr. Kuma (aka Kumasan).  He's a bear with big dreams and great amibition.  As the founder and mascot of CONTROL CENTER, he also made himself its mascot.  He's cute but maybe a little scary too.  



Momo Kuma |ももクマ

This cute pink bear is MomoKuma.  MomoKuma is a real bear, often found next to a dumpster or somewhere equally sort of sad.  He’s real and has many dreams that often haunt him.  His reoccurring dream is of a blue bear with powers and a love of merchandise.


 Cat Cat | トモネコ

This is the CatCat or Tomo Neko.  He lives in a mysterious mansion with some of his friends and perhaps a ghost.  He eats food and feels emotions.  He would like to be your friend.


Cyber Neko | サイバー猫

This is CyberNeko.  He is a very famous CatTube internet video star.  He put an egg on his head and became an instant star.  His videos get many views and he has a lot of merchandise now.  He makes many videos with things on his head but eggs are the most popular.  Has being a celebrity gone to his head?


Judy Kuma | ジュディくま

This is Judy Kuma.  She is a high school girl just like you and me.  Her father is Mr. Kuma and he likes her to use CONTROL CENTER products.  Her favorite character is MomoKuma.  She likes normal teenage things like music, crepes, her cellphone, and sweets